Career Life Education 10A

Welcome to Career Life Education 10A


Career Life Education 10A is focused on student-centered learning and inquiry. 

Career Life Education 10A is a graduation requirement for which you will achieve 2 credits. 

The intent of Career Life Education10A is to engage you by presenting thoughtful activities that relate to your personal life and your plans for the future.

Units of Study:

Unit 1: Personal Development

  • Determining Your Unique Self
  • Tracking Graduation Requirements
  • Recognizing Wants vs. Needs
  • Assessing Life-Work Balance
  • Setting Goals
  • Wellness

Unit 2: Career Skills

  • Developing a Personal Network
  • Identifying Employability Skills
  • Recognizing Transferable Skills
  • Creating a Resume
  • Building a Cover Letter
  • Completing Application Forms
  • Exploring Career Options