Foods 11

Foods 11  

This course has the most cooking and baking labs out of all the foods courses.  If you’re looking to do a lot of cooking and baking this is the course for you. 

In this course you will learn: 

  • To utilize FOODSAFE knowledge in food preparation 
  • To develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to use a variety of food-preparation techniques to prepare nutritious, tasty, attractive foods in a cost-and-time-effective manner 
  • To access information and support relevant to Foods and Nutrition 11 topics and apply the principles of nutrition to your own food preparation 
  • To understand global issues related to food production and consumption and how they affect your food choices 

    This course contains 10 units. There are 15 cooking and baking labs. Each unit has several lessons, and every lesson has assignments, labs, and quizzes. The following modules are covered in this course: 
  • Foundation for the Course 
  • Kitchen Safety and Sanitation 
  • Equipment, Measuring, and Budgeting 
  • What’s in a Cookie? 
  • Leavening Agents 
  • The Balanced Vegetarian 
  • Are You Getting the Nutrients You Need? 
  • The Future of Food 
  • Evaluation:

    10% Introduction 

    40% Lab Work Your marks for 15 baking and cooking labs are based on planning, organization, food preparation techniques, product, self-evaluation, and cleanup. 
    35% Assignments 
    You are given a lesson at the beginning of each unit, and assignments generally follow the lesson. Please submit your assignments to the correct assignment drop boxes.
    15% Tests 
    There are a variety of quizzes though out the course: multiple choice, matching, short answer, and essay.