Dance Company 10, 11, 12

Each of these courses requires registration in 60 hours or more of dance with a studio, per course. This is approximately 2 hours a week in a 30 week dance season.  This may be in a single dance style or a combination of styles.  Below each category are links to an outline of the course assignments and the related curriculum by grade level.

Dance Company:  You will work to develop technique in one or more styles of dance.  You will also be introduced to dramatic skills, which will enhance your performance in the dance company, to take it beyond a recital of steps and movements.  You will learn the importance of preparing to move safely throughout your dance training, explore different styles and research the founders of various dance styles. You will be working with a dance studio to develop your dance technique in your chosen style(s) and provide performance opportunities such as shows, festivals or master classes.


Dance Company 10 Assignments or Curriculum

Dance Company 11 Assignments or Curriculum

Dance Company 12 Assignments or Curriculum