Physical Geography 12

This course is organized into four units. Each unit is composed of four sections. For each section there is an assignment and quiz. For each unit there is a test and project.

Unit 1: Earth’s Structure1.1 Geography themes and Skills
1.2 Layers & Plate tectonics
1.3 Earthquakes and volcanoes
1.4 Types of rocks
Unit 2: Climate2.1 Atmosphere
2.2 Weather and Climate
2.3 Extreme Weather
2.4 Climate Change
Unit 3: Our Dynamic Earth3.1 Weathering and Erosion
3.2 Effects of Natural Disasters
3.3 Environmental Issues
3.4 Human Responses
Unit 4: Biomes and Ecosystems4-1: Characteristics of Terrestrial Biomes
4-2: Aquatic Biomes
4-3: Formation of Biomes
4-4: Biomes Shaped by Human Activity