Social Studies 9

Think Canadian history is boring? Fed up with the fur trade? And who cares about all those battles anyway? Social Studies 9 may just change your mind about all those topics you thought you couldn’t stand, and help you link some of these events from the past to our society today. The 300 years from 1500 to 1800 was a time of huge changes. Improvements in the tools of navigation and in shipbuilding allowed people to sail further, and even more importantly, to get home and let everyone know what they found on their voyages. The tall tales and descriptions of the exotic plants, animals and other cultures triggered a wave of exploration and colonization by the powerful countries in Europe. As the understanding of the world changed, so did the attitudes of people towards the existing society. The right of kings to rule, the right of the Catholic Church to dictate what everyone should believe, and the lack of rights for the common folks were all questioned. You’ll learn how each of the Civil wars, and revolutions led to the creation of the democracy and charter of human rights we enjoy today.

So hang on and prepare for a ride through 300 years of history!