eDynamic Learning Course Offerings

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Anthropology I:  Uncovering Human Mysteries (11)

Anthropology II:  More Uncovering Human Mysteries Uncovered (12)

Archeology:  Detectives of the Past (11)

Astronomy:  Exploring the Universe (11)

Careers in Criminal Justice (12)

Cosmetology (10)

Creative Writing (WR12)

Culinary Arts (F&N 12)

Criminology:  Inside the Criminal Mind (12)

Early Childhood Education (12)

Entrepreneurship (BED 10)

Fashion and Interior Design (TEXT 12)

Forensic Science I:  Secrets of the Dead (11)

Forensic Science II:  More Secrets of the Dead (12)

Gothic Literature:  Monster Stories (12)

Great Minds in Science: Ideas for a New Generation (11)

Health Sciences:  The Whole Individual (11)

Hospitality and Tourism (TOUR 12)

International Business (MK 12)

Introduction to Agri Science (11)

Introduction to Social Media:  Our Connected World (10)

Mythology and Folklore:  Legendary Tales (12)

Personal & Family Finance (10)

Personal Psychology I:  The Road to Self-Discovery (11)

Personal Psychology II:  Living in a complex world (12)

Public Speaking (11)

Real World Parenting (FAM 11)

Social Problems II:  Crisis, Conflicts & Challenges (12)

Sociology I:  The Study of Human Relationships (11)

Sociology II:  Your Social Life (12)

Sports and Entertainment Marketing (MK 11)

Veterinary Science:  The Care of Animals (12)