Who we are:

Welcome to the Education Outreach Program (EOP), School District No. 83’s Distributed Learning Program. 

EOP is a medium-sized Distance Learning (DL) school and one of fifty-five DL schools in the province.  We provide a broad range of online course offerings, many of which are not available to students in brick & mortar schools.

What we offer:

We are proud to provide free online course offerings to students on a full-time or cross-enrolled basis in Grades K-12.  This invitation is extended to all of our Gr. K-12 students in School District No. 83, but also to students from across the province of B.C. 

Adult learners (Graduates) are supported with tuition-free access as part of the education guarantee in BC. 

Adult learners (Non-graduates) are also funded to complete ministry approved courses towards their graduation.

Our Courses

A list of the courses we offer is available here.


Students who are interested in joining Education Outreach (full time or cross-enrolled) can register online for courses by navigating to the register online now button at the top of the page, or by clicking here.

Please note: If you are a student, you or your parents/guardians, will need to scan:
• a copy of your birth certificate
• a copy of the side of your care card that contains the numbers
• a copy of a household bill which shows your address as proof of BC residency.

If you are an existing SD83 student, we will already have this information on record and you will not need to scan these documents.

Adult learners (non-graduates) will need to scan a copy of their school transcripts.

Summer Hours:

EOP is semi-closed during the summer months – This means that students may still work on and submit course material, however submitted work may not be graded until the start of a new school year.